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WebVR on Mobile devices

We all know VR is a very popular stuff currently. There are lots of big companies start to develop their own headsets. Facebook and Youtube begin to support 360 degree videos on their platforms. Due to their works, we could expect there would be huge amounts of applications that target to Virtual Reality in the next couple of years. Currently, if you want to play VR content, you have to spend about $300 USD to buy a headset and plug several wires into your desktop. I think it would increase the wall to invite users to use VR. On the other hand, Google and Gear VR choose to use mobile devices as their headsets. You just need to spend $20 USD to buy a Google Cardboard and can start to enjoy the interaction with VR content. How about the content part of VR applications? If you want to write an application for Oculus, you must write Windows version for Windows users, or MacOS version for MacOS users. On mobile devices, you also need to rewrite apps for Android and iOS versions. No one