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HTML5 canvas demo

Connect to AWS-EC2 Windows OS server and Linux OS server

Access to windows server, all you do are like to use the Remote Desktop Protocol ( RDP ).   First you need to start the EC2 instance, then get Windows password and EC2 IP. Execute the RDP and type your IP and username, select "warn me" certification. Click the connect btn. If you use Linux version OS, you must use SSH protocol, generate private key from key pair. you can following this article.

[Flash Player 11] CPU vs GPU with Molehill


Configuration of Amazon EC2

快速安裝 Amazon EC2 LAMP 環境 (EC2 Console) 什麼是雲端服務?阿正老師教你免費玩Amazon EC2雲端主機!(上篇) 阿正老師教你免費玩Amazon EC2雲端主機(下篇):主機實戰篇 Create a Security Group How to Connect to Amazon AWS EC2 Server from Windows Desktop.

Java - Writing the Server Side of a Socket

Writing the Server Side of a Socket:

FGS 2011: Making A Game With Molehill: Zombie Tycoon

FGS 2011: Making A Game With Molehill: Zombie Tycoon View more presentations from mochimedia

Compare among Java Servlet, Applet, CGI, and JSP

Java Servlet与Applet、CGI、JSP的比较

MapKit in iOS app

iPhone app實作練習-地圖app iPhone app實作練習-幫你的地圖app加上大頭針 Using iPhone SDK MapKit Framework - A tutorial [iPhone程式]iPhone開發心得04-Mapkit之使用MKMapView實作Google Map Map Kit Framework 的簡單應用 如何抓取google map中的經緯度資料: add it to your browser's URL javascript:void(prompt('',gApplication.getMap().getCenter()));

Map Reduce

Hadoop Map Reduce 程式設計 View more presentations from Wei-Yu Chen

MR. JAMIE:看網路與創投


WebGL – More WebGL Security Flaws

WebGL – More WebGL Security Flaws: