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Volumetric Fog

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MRT format

When I use different format render target in deferred lighting. D3DFMT_A8R8G8B8 is better than D3DFMT_A16B16G16R16F when you don't have precision issue. I have 530 vs. 487 FPS experiment result.

PS3 Cell Processor



我自己有時候會是一個悲觀性格的人,遇到bug的時候就會責怪自己數學不好英文也不好,開始質疑自己對於這方面的工作是不是難以勝任...別人可能很快就可以搞懂的東西我卻要比別人多花時間... 但今天把工作帶回家解決掉一個花費將近一個禮拜的bug,又獲得一枚經驗值。真不知道是不是自己又太幸運了~~~證明自己還是可以繼續努力,加油!!!  明天有國外客戶要來交流,被叮嚀說一定要開口問問題! 所以我爛爛的英文對話要拿出來面對大家了,希望能夠及格,我真要開始找個時間好好補習了...

Deferred lighting

     Today I finish my deferred lighting debug, there are some experience notes: In the geometry pass, I prepare 4 render target depth map( view position and depth, actually we can try to just store the depth value only) - remove, we can just save clip space depth(z/w) to instead normal map( view space normal ) + clip space depth(z/w) diffuse map( diffuse color) specular map( specular color and shininess ) Draw lights First, draw ambient light, we fetch the diffuse texture compute with ambient light  and fetch depth value from depth map write to the frame buffer and depth buffer. If you have z-prepass needn't rewrite depth to the z buffer. Second, sun light draw a full screen rectangle( is clip space coordinate ) compute the directional lighting, multiply among diffuse, specular map and lighting formula. Enable alpha blending one plus one, disable depth write Third, omni light draw the light volume( a sphere ), use point lighting formula. Enable alpha blending one plus on

D24S8 depth sampling wrong