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Monster Madness – 透過 Emscripten 建構 Web 遊戲

當你正在使用C++開發你的3D遊戲,C++已經被證實是可以橫跨最多遊戲裝置,但僅限於需要安裝遊戲的平台,但對於no-plugin, free-download的HTML5呢 HTML5的規格已經被廣為接受未來任何裝置都會把HTML5作為最通用的程式語言,包含desktop top-browser, mobile browser, standalone都能夠直接使用HTML5.如果現在什麼現有技術都沒有重新去使用HTML5打造新的3D遊戲是值得投資的事情,但是對於已有C++現有技術的公司而言,這樣的開發成本太大了.因此很多公司就會使用Emscripten來將C++轉成JavaScript. Trendy Entertainment 與 Nom Nom Games兩間工作室將現有用Unreal Engine 3所打造的遊戲 Monster Madness Online 將C++透過Emscripten及asm.js轉換到JavaScript成功支援HTML5.

Bring Hobbit to life with WebGL

The article introduces how to use ThreeJS to make a WebGL game which works well on desktop browsers and Android-Chrome. Some optimization approach we can refer!! This is so great, and this approach also could bring nice performance on 3D rendering engine. Use low-poly models Use low-res textures Reduce the number of drawcalls as much as possible by merging geometry Simplify materials and lighting Remove post effects and turn off antialiasing Optimise Javascript performance Render the WebGL canvas at half size and scale up with CSS Reference: