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30+ Cross Platform Mobile App and Game Development Tools

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Using remote debugging for HTML5 on iOS

Debugging on mobile devices always has to back on your desktop devices, just like Android chrome debugging. ( ) This article I would like to describe the approach by using web-inspector, its advantage is native supported by Apple, we needn't install any plugin. However, its disadvantage is you must have a Mac system devices, because it requires to use Safari version 6 later, and Windows' Safari' version is only available to version 5.1.7. 1. Enable web inspector Go to your iOS device setting page. Enable the web inspector in the Safari->Advance. And then, connect your iOS device using USB connector to your Mac device.   2. Enable developer mode on Safari Go to the Safari of your Mac, open the Setting->Advance, check the the enable developer menu. Using the iOS device to open the web page you wanna debug. Then, go to Menu->Developer on your Safari of Mac, you could see you

WebGL Demo 02: 3D model loader and preview

When you want to display a complex 3D mesh in your 3D application, you must want to find an external model format for you to use. They would be COLLADA(.dae), FBX(.fbx), or OBJ(.obj). However, If you want to make a 3D engine, you must want to support more kinds of formats. Therefore, I start to research FBX SDK. FBX SDK supports .fbx, .dxf, .dae , and .obj file formats' importer/exporter, and .3ds format has been retired. FBX technology can be used to sharing scene assets, storing, packing models for sale, and processing animation, it supports import/export functions in Autodesk's products(3ds Max, Maya, AutoCAD...). The FBX SDK is a part of Autodesk FBX technology, it is C++ Software Development Kit. You can use it to create plug-ins, converters, and other applications. FBX SDK's source code is not public opening, therefore, we just can use their SDK interface, and if you want to redistribute or repacked, you should write permission from Autodesk, and include a link