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Experimental integration Glean with Unity applications

You might notice  Firefox Reality PC Preview  has been released in HTC’s Viveport store. That is a VR web browser that provides 2D overlay browsing alongside immersive content and supports web-based immersive experiences for PC-connected VR headsets. In order to easily deploy our product into the Viveport store, we take advantage of Unity to help make our application launcher. Also because of that, it brings us another challenge about how to use Mozilla’s existing telemetry system. As we know,  Glean SDK  has provided language bindings for different programming language requirements that include Kotlin, Swift, and Python. However, when we are talking about supporting applications that use Unity as their development toolkit, there are no existing bindings available to help us achieve it. Unity allows users using a Python interpreter to embed Python scripts in a Unity project; however, due to Unity’s technology being based on the Mono framework, that is not the same as our familiar Pytho

In-Depth: Light pre-pass renderer on iPhone

Android Socket create

Today, I wrote a demo program to test Android connect with PC.  theSocket = new Socket("", 4444); 1. IP address must use this server's IP which is connected to the network, can't use 2. Attention! You must add uses-permission on the AndroidManifest.xml, the type of permission is " android.permission.INTERNET"

GDC 2012:「人生就是一場社交遊戲」《模擬市民社會》的成功秘訣

GDC 2012:Epic Games「用 Unreal Engine 4 開發新作中」

GDC 2012:「拋棄 Shiny 計畫」《英雄聯盟》據點攻略戰開發歷程

GDC 2012: Advanced Procedural Rendering in DX11

GDC 2012: Advanced Procedural Rendering in DX11 View more PowerPoint from smashflt

Depth test phase between OpenGL ES2.0 and DirectX