Lighting & Simplifying Saints Row: The Third

Latest iteration of inferred lighting
first pass - low -res MRT geometry pass 800x450 on consoles


second pass - Low-res lighting pass

final pass full-res material pass 1280x720, 2xMSAA

features: lots of fully dynamic light
-integrate  alpha
-support MSAA hardware

  - Lit rain

normals: choose a good normal for rain is difficult:

- foliage
  - assumes low scene resolution
  - save 2ms

- dynamic decals
   - slow at creation , quick render
    - collect detal mesh

 screen space decal
 - volumetric decals applied in screen space

-Radial ambient occlusion(RAO)

Automation LOD pipeline
- mostly artist authored

 - imp. own mesh simplifier
 - not in DCC application

Mesh simplification
-Using Quadric matrix, Q can represent an set of planes
- singular quadrics, can't a;ways invert Q
 -preserve texture gradient
 - preserving BOX

suppeyment LOD
- bake each streamable zone into first stage.
- replace with vertex coloring

simplifier paint weight by artist
- no artist determine, supplement LOD,  terrain...


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