Animation-Dreiven Locomotion for Smoother Navigation

Invalid kinematics break immersion.
Allow complex motion sets

Realistic, high fidelity visualization with complex movement
could define navigation

ADL: is simple, usage pattern are hard

Reckoning ADL system
-ADL for player
-Motion graph
-Extracted date from animation node

Player movement
- Orientation - procedural and ADL
-Blending movement info.

-Attempted realtime motion graph search

Motion Planning
  - Motion Graph ( defined by developers, conditional link, tree-like display)
        - Become very large
        - animation blending
        - additive animation blending
 -procedural ADL ajustement: postion/rotation

Mtion planning benefits
- Low overhead for motion planning node
-easy addition

An ADL approach to Foot step planning
   - use a per segment nav. without steering
   - best suited fot
      - high constrained character locomotion
      - stable target
      - slow pace navigation ( longer strides delay reactivity, runaway requirement limit possible path)

Animation requirement
 - complete animation set.  Cover all degrees
 - detailed clips with info on current feet

Footstep planning

 contain start, turn, stop, others
- select that will minimize the modification of current animation

Deal foot sliding
- IK can hide this error

Path post-Processing:Funnel algo.
- Post- processing on navmesh

Path post-Processing:Corner push away

Path post-Processing: Reducing error

Path post-Processing: Aesthetics

Advantage of ADL:
 easily alter plan by cutting a few steps or insert custom animation

Collision Avoidance in ADL
-ADL has one major drawback when it comes to CA --- latency
-therefore collision needs to be predicted

ADL CA : Lack of steering
- traditional steering still foot sliding

ADL CA: Footstep re-planning

ADL CA: transitions
- trajectory should be as short as possible


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