Dedicated Servers in Gear of War 3

Why dedicated server?
Overview of datacenters

latency --- 150ms is playable, 50~90 is best

avg is 75ms

Finding the best match

How much hardware do we need for day one?

Hardware is not most expensive part
-bandwidth is most one

VOIP traffic is p2p to reduce bandwidth.

Through LSP

G4WL challenges

Modification to the existing UE3 server
- detecting empty and resting
- server shutdown whitelist
- auto config.
-memory less test
-perf counters, events, logging

Memory was not as a big deal as performance
  - run under 150MB/intance
 -  memory was cheap

Major performance wins
-strip out the renderer
-WinServer to R2

Major components of infrastructure
- master DB
( all components handshakes with DB, fixed size, parameterize stored procedure only )
- master service ( write to matter db, configuration setting of the machine )

GOW3 process
- all communication is asynchronous with db.
-db status
- performance counter

Launcher service
- runs one per server

Developer environment
Client/Server environment
- run multiple clients and servers on same machine

HTTPS webservice is better tan direct DB access- better caching of static data in the DB of offset the DB load.

The future is to cloud
- pay what you use
- more volume upfront for day one demands
-tier1 build in to the purchase
-freeze VMs on machines debug later


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