Stable SSAO in Battlefield 3 with Selective Temporal Filtering

   - use depth buffer as approx. of the opaque
   -  depth  buffer as a heightfield, approx. ray-tracing
   -  improved Nvidia SDK 11 DX 11 demo

issue - flicking

  - full-resolution SSAO or dual/resolution SSAO
   - but more than doubled the cost of SSAO, soame flick remain

   - Bright SSAO ... but want to keep full-strength

Temporal filtering
    - ghosting artifact due to disocclusion

trailing artifact on static object receiving AO from Dynamic objects

- temporal filter off

- temporal filter on

Selective temporal filtering

Two half-pass

 Final pipeline with selective temporal filtering(STF)

History buffer
   - additional GPU memory required
   - for multiple GPU

Blur on HBAO
    opt: adaptive sampling


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