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Physically-Based Rendering in WebGL

According to the image from  Physically Based Shading At Disney  as below, the left is the real chrome, the middle is PBR approach, and the right is Blinn-Phong. We can find PBR is more closer to the real case, and the difference part is the specular lighting part. Blinn-Phong The most important part of specular term in Blinn-Phong is it uses half-vector instead of using dot(lightDir, normalDir) to avoid the traditional Phong lighting model hard shape problem. vec3 BRDF_Specular_BlinnPhong( vec3 lightDir, vec3 viewDir, vec3 normal, vec3 specularColor, float shininess ) { vec3 halfDir = normalize( lightDir + viewDir ); float dotNH = saturate( dot( normal, halfDir ) ); float dotLH = saturate( dot( lightDir, halfDir ) ); vec3 F = F_Schlick( specularColor, dotLH ); float G = G_BlinnPhong_Implicit( ); float D = D_BlinnPhong( shininess, dotNH ); return F * ( G * D ); } Physically-Based rendering Regarding to the lighting model of GGX, UE4 Shading presentation by