2008.04~2009.02 GPD-Tools Team, software engineer
  •  Developed PC/Console platform tools and engine
  1. Auto-build tools pipeline
  2. Level editor development
  3. Planar shadow
  4. Game play character animation system
  5. Sky box/dome
  6. Dynamic texture lighting 
  7. BSP-based scene graph
    2009.02~2010.11 BU3-Technical group, senior software engineer
  • Developed  PC platform engine
  1. Direct3D 9 api
  2. Advance material: diffuse, detail, normal, specular, environment map, glossy map
  3. Light system: per vertex/pixel lighting, direction/point/spot light
  4. Cascade shadow map
  5. Deferred rendering
  6. Material sorting, sorting and proper display of transparent objects
  7. Visibility culling
  8. Distance/volumetric fog
  •  PSP platform engine development
  1. UI scripting system
  2. Font system
  3. Post effect
    2010.11~2012.6 R&D office, senior software engineer
  • Developing Flash 3D engine, Adobe Flash runtime prerelease team member
  1. GPU rendering, support Stage3D API
  2. Lighting system
  3. Materials-diffuse, normal, specular, emissive, glossy map
  4. Material sorting, sorting and proper display of transparent objects
  5. 3D billboard, plane
  6. Projective texturing
  7. Shadow map with PCF filter
  8. Flash display object GPU acceleration
  9. Particle system with local and world transform
  10. Sphere map in environment map
  11. GPU particle
  12. Depth sorting for alpha-blending objects and particle
  13. Layer-based object sorting
   2012.6~ 2013.7 R&D office, supervisory programmer
  •  Developed Android social network app
  1. Facebook graph api
  2. Google map api
  3. Http post/get
  4. Async-Http client
  5. Take picture function
  6. Chat room 
  7. Utilize SQLite to be the local database system 
  8. Notification system: Google Cloud Messaging for Android (GCM)
  • Developing HTML5 engine
  1. OpenGLES api
  2. Use LLVM compiler to transform native code from C/C++ to JavaScript (Emscripten). 
  • Developing Flash 3D engine, Adobe Flash runtime prerelease team member
  1. Using Adobe AIR to support iOS mobile devices
  2. Using Adobe AIR to support Android mobile devices
   2013.9~  Technical Development Center, lead programmer
  • Developing a cross-platform game engine(C++, Flash)
  1. Design a entity-componented based game system
  2. Cross-platform material system which support OpenGL, Direct3D, Stage3D
  3. Using WPF to develop a node-based shader editor, and WYSIWYG. This system can automatically convert shader to HLSL, GLSL, and AGAL.
  4. Design a new production pipeline, and collaborate to develop the level editor to achieve WYSIWYG by using this engine.
  5. Cross-platform compressed texture format
  6. Support PC(Direct3D, OpenGL), Flash, iOS, and Andorid platforms

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