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Drawing textured cube with Vulkan on Android

Vulkan is a modern hardware-accelerated Graphics API. Its goal is providing an high efficient way in low-level graphics and compute on modern GPUs for PC, mobile, and embedded devices. I am personally working a self training project, vulkan-android , to teach myself how to use this new APIs. The difference between OpenGL and Vulkan OpenGL: Higher level API in comparison with Vulkan, and the next generation of OpenGL 4 will be Vulkan.   Cross-platform and Cross-language (mostly still based on C/C++, but people implemented diverse versions and expose similar API binding based on OpenGL C++, WebGL is a good example).  Mainly used in 3D graphics and 2D image processing to interact with GPU in order to achieve hardware acceleration. Don't have a command buffer can be manipulated at the application side. That means we will be easily see draw calls being the performance bottleneck in a big and complex 3D scene. Vulkan: Cross-platform and low-overhead. Erase the boundary between GPU API an