AMD code submission Unreal engine

   -  Displacement mapping with flat tessellation
           - require a height map
           - generate high-quality bumpy surface
   -PN-triangle tessellation
           - No displacement map required
   - Phong tessellation
            - No-extra displacement required
             - produce mush better performance, similar to PN, not smooth as PN totally

UE3 support flat, PN tessellation,  add AMD phong.

Tessellation is not free
    - use with caution it  can impact performance
    - adaptive tessellation requirement

Backface culling - set tessellation factor to 0 on back-facing
View frustum culling
Orientation-Adapticve tessellation
   - only silhouette


Vertex-shader based DOF
    - DX11 only
    -UE3 Bokeh DOF use two-layer

Boken DOF - impacts of performance

Move to VS
       - DX9 support

 - DX11 use system-generated vetex IDs(SV_VertexID)

   - Generate a vertex buffer with vertex ID
   -  ??
   - a new vertex buffer for resolution changed

- multi view port to one target ( foreground DOF viewport, background DOF viewport)
 -clip() in pixel shader view port clipping
 - Use triangle reduce vertex processing
 - triangle not be a good sol. for big Boken shapes

Post-process FSAA
  - MSAA doesn't work for deferred-shading with DX9
  -  MSAA is expensive with deferred shading , performance and memory

   - single pass post processing
 - no extra render pass

   - three pass
   - two RT


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