Chrome web app and first web app

    Chrome web store let you can publish your app and charge it.

Build option:
  • HTML5 - HTML5, CSS, JavaScript
  • Native Client - C/C++ code in the sandbox, with Native Client SDK
  • Adobe Flash - depend on flash plug-in
  • A mix - mix these technologies
The first web app:
  1. Make a manifest.json
      write ---
      "name": "Ellison's WebApp",
      "description": "First App on the chrome web.",
      "version": "1.0",
      "app": {
        "urls": [
      "launch": {
        "web_url": ""
       "icons": {
         "128": "logo.png"
  2.  Prepare a icon---
  3. Put them into a folder --- ellison-app
  4. Upload to Chrome extension
  5. Or pack to ZIP, and upload it to web
    You need to pay $5 dollar first to publish your app.
  6. Finally, you can click your app in the chrome application




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