GDC China 2012

GDC China 2012:MDA
Sissy fight
mechanics: how to play, rule
Dynamic : game circle- equal to scourge
Aesthetics : what is interesting part. fellowship, challenge(tactics, problem solving), narrative (drama)

Playtesting and metrics: getting the most out of your usability testing

In a week recruit player outside

Learn what are player doing.
Why players do things
Player feeling

Isolate player
Designer/producer behind them.

Significant - record status -upload to db ex: player dead

In testing phase
100% record
In release

Find game imbalance
Find Economic imbalance
Find excessive high failure are
Find weapon imbalance

Communication with design
Give designer direct access
Rapid reporting
Data analysis is time consuming
Technical concerns on post release
- sampling rate
-massive amount
-storage capability
-analysis time
Data logging works best with a single programmer.
Verify QA has adequate time
Rely on player

Real time survey modification :survey monkey

Data overload

Tableau: visualization software

EA: the business of art production - 7 critical precepts
Scanning zbrush
Character : dns mapping light map, reflection map
average 5 artists in one game

Manage artists
1. Clarity
Should only one target
Reference can plentiful, not target
If possible visual target should put in the game

2. Iteration
Speed? As fast as your can think
Fast enough to visual explore
Safe enough to allow experiment
Not require other to initiate

3. Feedback
Usual, consumer, peers
Timeline: concept phase (12weeks
Preproduction 7month), entering production. Per-alpha.
Feedback should be early and frequent

4. Standards
Head1.0, head2.0
One format convert to many platform. Format, method, vocabulary

5. Pipeline
上海, 印度,奧蘭多,溫哥華。
Pipeline compete
Don't just build by your own
Confirm everything is down before outsourcing

Need smooth communication

If you hire smart people, he want to do everything, we should let service provider or expert do. Capture team in Vancouver, 2 motion capture,80 cameras

Ubisoft Shanghai start to develop mobile platform, stop the relation with Gameloft.

Production value:
Story, atmosphere, character, unique flavor, epic moment, rewards, buzz, polish

Receive professional playtesting report
It is easier to hand over iPhone to somebody.

Agile but Scrum

Pipeline: See modification without waiting anyone

Version checking, and would download through wifi.

Production: First playable presentation in keeping the practice of designing the core game play.
1st 30min player experience

Validation: something playable every 2 weeks at least.

Launch/soft launch
Post launch

Concept: prototype, know the game engine

Preproduction: focus on control, camera / character , sign and feedback.
Insist reviewable version everyday
Real data driven at least 2 core feature
Never believe a feature will be be polish / graphics / fps will be better in last month

Production/soft launch
Priority and ready cut functions

Mobile project: motivation
Clear objective
Everybody understand and agree
Build the communication, everybody contribute their idea on game design.

Small steps in the dark, embracing the continuous prototyping

Prototype: an interactive experiment

Conventional prototype: 2-24 weeks, help understand the game , demo and video

21 m dev
3 full time developer
Custom engine 5 month using Flash

Purpose of prototype
- fiill the gap of kinwledge
- destruct magic trick
- camera , weapon, pacing

One code base to every platform

Prototype outcomes
Unified vision and concept

Porting to new engine in 2 weeks
Survived many algo and design

The problem?
Problems keep appearing, even after 2-24 weeks
Too many assumptions
Prototype should be continue

When you innovate, new unexpected question will show up

The hardcore game rising
Cmune: investor Skype, rovio

7m registered
1.3 MAU

5 lessons in 5yrs(from 5 people)
1. Listen your mind, console game is big market
FPS multi billion game genre
1/4 are fps in Facebook game

2. Never underestimate new platform

3. Never underestimate the complexity to do cross platform games
Keep learning: your client 20 people
Unity difficult to master, easy to prototype. Plugin install experience can be optimized. Content release is a part of growing a game
Invest your the worth community.

Prediction: 1,.core gaming will be top grossing on web/social
2. Immersive console like game
3. Cross platform
4. New leaders from Asia/china as service will allow global communities to connect, learn and create

iOS / android Facebook maybe decrease more and more user. Wanna transform from pc play to web to mobile. Facebook wanna provide more support because many user leave from here.

The last 10%- from naughty dog
Polish: Remove, find affect

-Gameplay related issues
-Presentation issue
-fix we tend to statue quo

Shoot for perfect

Per production production alpha beta gold

Allocate 20-25% to polish in schedule.

Rapid iteration
Aim a pipeline with fast iteration time
Direct communication with people.
Don't assume it will get fix with an email .
Encourage Collaborative

Don't fear change

Rolling deadlines:
Too many overlap,

Tiered approvals
Multiple people must approve as you go
A high level person looking for polish daily
Balance polish vs time
Understand what to look for


Focus social : pvp, social cooperation
9 yrs
Html5 games market

Did casual game and get success

1-day retention >30%
Draw something like get 1M users

Game IV
1.complex layered strategy /optimization

2. Monetization
Speed up not energy
More resource / units more revenue

HTML 5 always keep up to date
Native app do not that will affect balance

3. Social
Really social pvp trading chatting
Sending resource

Pvp in focus

Hattrick - soccer manager game

Time sensitivity
PVP cross platform can

Enable fast prototype

6.passion required


The iteration treadmill

Time lost waiting for builds

More tweaking
Asset testing in game

Ambition goal
See change immediately

No cheating
Target hardware+ target frame rate

Fast games. Fast workflow

Work in smaller chunk, resource be compiled separately, and upload runtime.

Running game listen on tcp/ip port
Message are JSON

Deploy to console
File transfer not adapted for sub second upload

Sol: a file server on PC-console load app files from here

big resource:
Compile slowly
Separate them

Slow resource
Light map, navmeah
Separate baking from compiler

Reload code
C++ tool support reload exe

A compiler database
Shader depends on another shader.
Store information from pervious .

Check binary version, if mismatch recompile

Android earn more money than iOS .
You can earn 200-300w rmb/m in Android

One key register
Login via sns: QQ, 微博

Uncharted 3 effects
2005 in naughty dog

Scheme based macro language

Process split btw ppu spu
Complexity in ppu and than in spu

New system iteration time
- fast iteration == more effect

Shader flexible

100% asynchronous spu

DC data compiler
Particle - dc data - DC - network - engine - display

Noodler shader editing
Vertex frontend define input attribute

Output into ex: normal
Each node are cg function
Automatically split into vs &fs
Automatic space conversation
Made artist manage their cycle
need programmer help artist

Water: use to follow surface move

Gpu cycle is limited for particle
Less particle but more process form one particle

Preupdate: sort collision
Build geometry
Render list
Use byte code: 16 vector register, create and update

Cull build geom
Cull view frustum

Spawn order good than distance sort, sort for emitter set
Reverse spawn sort

Want to run on all spus
Don't want to have ppu

Deform surface
Animate the deformation
Match lighting with background
Sample depth buffer to particle space, and than will project on the sand
Ztest disable cull front face
Transform world to particle
Add wpos and invScale factor to vertex shader

U3 use partially deferred rendering
Use stencil value to avoid drawing on FG



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