Adobe AIR on mobile platform

Today I port my Flash Player version 3D engine to Adobe AIR, in order to support Android/iOS platform. Because my engine has been done on the PC/Web, so we can't aware performance penalty easily, now I forward to mobile platform, they have limit resource. We need to more optimize our engine. Because iOS version has been convert AS3 to native code, so I believe and found game loop and render loop are not the critical part. The GPU processing part is the issue.

We have done several things, I list them on the bottom: ( improving the fps from 4 to 26 )
  1. Resize our texture size, smaller is better.
  2. Reduce redundant shader instruction, especially pixel part. We remove the fog and alpha-test part ( for supporting alpha-test, we use 'kil' - it's very evil )
  3. Disable lighting and shadow map.
  4. Currently, event-listener is not the issue.
  5. Continuing we want to try disable mipmap, it may help us improve current performance.

    OpenGL ES Programming Guide for iOS:



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