Water Technology of Uncharted

Reflection with bump
Refraction - depth based color ---- with bump will have jitter is good
Soft shadows
Foam - modulated by wave's amplitude
Specular lighting

Modify its normal let water flow is followed.
Flow shader: vector field to advent mesh properties.

two texture: blend and UV have different move vector. (distort)

Blend between two flow textures, one offset in phase by t/2.

improvement it:
offset the placement after each cycle
offset uv starting to minimize distortion
offset in space the phase
Use texture feedback to get extra motion

Flow displacement
each vertex moves on a circular pattern at different phase

can used for clouds, sand, snow, psychedelic effects....

Water in Uncharted 3

open ocean, 100+ meters waves
Waves drive boats and hips

Wave system : procedural, parametric, deterministic, LOD

Wave particles is uncharted 3 solution
Don't use point source

Wave particle:
fast and institutive

composition of displacement grids at different scales, fade out by distance
Flow grid: encode flow, foam, amplitude multiplier in a grid.

Addition of simpler waves
Big wave: create biplane...

LOD: many way to create water mesh.
Screen projected grid --- aliasing artifacts
Quasi projected grid --- issues handling.

Modify from irregular geometry clipmaps.

Culling out patches leave from camera.

culling using portal  with ballroom
Skylight scene: cull out patches outside frustum, cull out outside skylight.

Point queries


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